Screensaver Maker Purchase

You will find here all of the information you need to Place an Order and receive registraion code via the e-mail.

You will be able to create and distribute (and sell) an unlimited number of screen savers that you create - totally royalty-free.

There are no hidden costs. Upgrade for free, for ever!

Credit Cards via Secure Online Ordering - *Recommended*

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System requirements include the following:

  • Microsoft Windows ® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Intel® Pentium® Processor or compatibl
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 20 MB available hard disk space for program installation
  • True Color or Hi-Color display adapter and monitor, with 640x480 (recommended) or higher display mode
  • If you use Windows 95 it is strongly recommended to install the following additional components:
    Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher,Internet Explorer can be downloaded from Microsoft Website (http://www.microsoft.com).
    Microsoft Windows Media Player - Required to read MPEG, MOV video clips and more. Can be Freely downloaded from Microsoft Website (http://www.microsoft.com).